Grinding Rib Trimmings

Grinding your leftover baby back rib trimmings.

I buy most of my baby back ribs from Costco. They come three to a pack and are quite cheap. My only complaint is that they could use some extra trimming. I prefer a baby back rib rack that is evenly trimmed and not too thick. I think that it cooks more evenly and is much easier to eat. So when I prepare my ribs I trim quite a bit of the meat off the top of the racks. With all the leftover baby back rib trimmings I grind them for a variety of uses. Take a look!

Grinding Baby Back Rib Trimmings

In addition to smoking on a charcoal grill I also really enjoy my Weber Smokey Mountain BBQ smoker. I have the 18.5 inch smoker so that requires a few of the rib bones to be cut off the side of the rack so it fits better on the smoker. In addition I take a lot of loin meat off the top of the baby back rack. Some people call this crazy but maybe after reading this you’ll see that having all these extra rib trimmings is a very good thing!

Grinding Baby Back Rib Trimmings

The picture above shows a bunch of trimmings from three racks of baby back ribs.

Grinding Baby Back Rib Trimmings

The trimmings contain a good bit of fat so it really grinds well. I’ve made sausage and pork burgers from the ground rib meat. The quality is really great because after all it does come from baby back ribs!¬†Grinding Rib Trimmings is really handy.

Grinding Baby Back Rib Trimmings


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