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Jan 22, 2013
Superbowl Party Recipe Ideas

Well here we are. Football season is almost over. It's going to be hard to get back to normal "low calorie" Sunday afternoons. However, it's only 7 short months until preseason tailgating resumes! Hmmmm. That's pretty far away. Anyway, let's go out with a bang and make up some great food for the final game of the season. I decided to take some of my most popular posts and create a little photo gallery of recipes that will work really well for a Superbowl party. Click on the photos below to see the entire recipe. Enjoy the last game!


Moink balls - bacon wrapped meatballs
Moink Balls - smoked meatballs wrapped in bacon and brushed with BBQ sauce

Savory Brat Roll crumbled bratwurst, melted cheese and sauteed onions and garlic, wrapped in a pizza dough
Savory Brat Roll - crumbled bratwurst, melted cheese with sauteed onions
and garlic, wrapped in a pizza dough

sriracha honey wing sauce
Sriracha Honey Wing Sauce - a simple two ingredient wing sauce that is spicy and sweet

smoked bacon explosion
Smoked Bacon Explosion - a standard "BBQ fatty" that consists of
sausage rolled around onions and peppers, all neatly tucked away
in a weave of bacon

Sriracha Lime Crunch Mix
Sriracha Lime Crunch Mix - a popcorn, nut and pretzel based crunch mix
that is coated with a sriracha and lime glaze

Smoked stuffed jalapeno peppers
Smoked Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers - this is the classic appetizer:
jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon

When grilling for many guests try ordering your food in bulk from meat companies like Belmont Meats.

Main Course

pulled pork tacos with bbq sauce
Pulled Pork Tacos - A fun twist on a classic BBQ dish

chili dogs with a homemade chili sauce
Chili Dogs - A unique chili dog recipe where the chili
has pureed flank steak

homemade bigmacs for the superbowl party
Big Macs - Homemade Big Macs can take any superbowl party
up a few notches

homemade gyros that are easy
Brat Gyros - Homemade gyros with a flavorful tzatziki sauce

burgers with fried eggs
Bacon Cheeseburgers Topped With A Runny Egg - Burgers are simple to make;
add a runny egg and you have a unique main course
for your party

smoked turkey breast subs
Smoked Turkey Breast Subs - Juicy flavorful smoked turkey breast on a sub with mayo, swiss cheese and lettuce

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