Grill Masters Club Review and Giveaway

 Grill Masters Club Review

It is easy to get into a grilling rut. We’ve all been there, reaching for the same BBQ sauce or dry rub over and over again. I mean why not? The results speak for themselves. But what if something better is out there? What if you want a challenge? There is so much flavor to be had! Well this is what turned me on the most about the Grill Masters Club as it’s a great way to break the rut. The Grill Masters Club is a monthly subscription service where a box of BBQ goodies will be delivered to your door each month. The box includes 4-5 items such as sauces, rubs, marinades, grilling gadgets, tips, discount codes and a recipe. It’s a total surprise! The guys at Grill Masters Club bring together high quality products from around the country and then decide on what products are good enough to make it into the box. You can think of it as your own grilling quality control department; you’ll be grilling with items that have been tested out and are sure to please. You’ll break that rut for sure when you have new items to try out each month.

So how does this club work?

You have a few different subscription services to choose from. You can sign up for one month just to try out the service or you can upgrade to 3 or 6 months. For the most hardcore grillers they offer the 12 month package which gives you year round sauces, rubs and recipes to test out. It’s easy to sign up through the Grill Masters Club website and you have the power to cancel at any time. After you sign up, the box will be delivered to your doorstep the first week of the month.

What kind of stuff is included?

The Grill Masters Club boxes include high quality BBQ sauces, rubs, marinades and recipes. All of the items in each box have been researched and taste tested by the Grill Masters Club team, which is based in Jacksonville, Florida. As they say, “If it ain’t good, it won’t be in the box!”

Grill Masters Club Review

For March they did some flavorful rubs, one being an African Peri Peri Rub! One sauce has a cartoon vampire on the side and it’s called “Oh my Garlic.” That’s perfect for some grilled chicken. Also included was a fruity exotic pineapple BBQ sauce that is on my list of things to try.

Grill Masters Club Review

Lastly, I’ll show you what was in April’s box. The Grill Masters Club teamed up with Big Bob Gibson BBQ for some sauces. If you haven’t tried that famous “white sauce” you don’t know what you are missing. They also included a brisket rub in this month’s box.

A wide variety of BBQ goodies!

Grill Masters Club Review

One of the nicest parts of this service is the wide variety of products that are featured. In addition to the high quality BBQ rubs and BBQ sauces, there are marinades, recipes and even discount codes for additional products you might be interested in. Having such a wide variety also makes this a perfect Father’s Day gift as Dad will surely find something in each box that he will love. His grilling repertoire will never get old with such diverse products arriving at his doorstep.

As you can see here, this is a pretty cool service. It’s perfect for getting you out of a grilling rut because it forces you to try some new things. Each month you can get a quality set of sauces and rubs, a recipe and a lot more to go along with them. Who knows, one of the items in your next Grill Masters Club box might become your new favorite grilling product!

Pricing ranges from $27.95/month (12 months) to $32.95/month (1 month), depending on which plan you sign up for. That’s pretty cheap considering that most of these sauces and products are not easily found in your local stores. To get all this fancy stuff would require you to order online with individual shipping costs for each item. For the Grill Masters Club you pay one price and that includes the products and the shipping.

I think this is a very unique service with a lot of potential. I am really excited to work with these guys because they are offering a high quality concept for a reasonable cost. As I mentioned, it’s too easy to use the same old sauce and rub and this is a cool way to break the cycle and try something different. I’m on board and I can’t wait for my boxes to show up!

Grilling24x7 and the Grill Masters Club are doing a giveaway to let you guys try some of the products. There will be two winners, the first will get a bundle of BBQ goodies and the second winner will get a free Grill Masters Club box. To win, enter at the following giveaway link and the winners will be notified!  Good luck!