July 4th Grilling Giveaway!

Hey guys, it’s time for a July 4th Grilling Giveaway! I haven’t done one of these week long grilling giveaways in a while and we are long overdue!

July 4th Grilling Giveaway

The way I like doing giveaways is doing them on Twitter.  It makes it easy for me because I can do it all on my phone. It’s also great because the companies who I have teamed up with to make this happen are also on Twitter and they can benefit from the engagement as well.

How the July 4th Grilling Giveaway works:

Each day starting Monday June 27, I will tweet the above photo and I will say “RT to win!” That means in order to be eligible to win the item of the day you need to have retweeted the above image for the particular day. The winner should also be following me, @grilling24x7, as well as following the company who is sponsoring the product. Oh, we also need to have a U.S. mailing address, so only U.S. winners.  The winner will be randomly picked from the list of accounts that have retweeted, probably around 8pm (ET) the same day of the giveaway. We will then double check to make sure you are following the appropriate accounts on twitter.

So to win, you need to:

  1. Retweet the tweet that I send out for the specific item of the day when I do the specific tweet saying “RT to win!”
  2. Be following me and the company doing the sponsoring. So, for example, if Thermoworks is giving away the hot new MK4 Thermapen, you should be following @Thermapen on twitter to be eligible to win.
  3. Live in the U.S.

What is being given away?

Monday June 27:

151009 ElectroLight Grill App 100

The HomeRight Electrolight Fire Starter. This gadget is one of my new favorite toys. You hold the starter directly in contact with charcoal and press the button. A heated fan begins to work and within 30 seconds you see sparks and some fire. Then you back the starter up to allow the blower to lightly fan the flame for a minute or so. Within a few minutes you have lit coal with no newspaper mess or fuss with a chemical starter. Very cool.

So be sure to follow @HomeRight on twitter.

Tuesday June 28:


A Thermoworks ThermoPop digital thermometer. This is the baby brother of the famous Thermapen. It’s small, it’s portable, and most importantly its accurate and fast. Not as fast as the Thermapen, but an extremely awesome little gizmo for only $29!

Wednesday June 29:

July 4th Grilling Giveaway

I’ve just teamed up with this awesome company, Fogo Lump Charcoal, that makes high quality lump charcoal. The chunks are huge, they burn clean and very hot. This is the perfect lump charcoal for a ceramic cooker. Now that I use a BigGreenEgg (I’ll post about this news soon), this is my main lump charcoal source. Be sure to follow these guys on Twitter @FogoCharcoal.  The item for giveaway is a 17.6 pound bag of super premium lump charcoal.

Thursday June 30:

July 4th Grilling Giveaway

Oh we are getting crazy now! This day’s winner, a random person who retweets the Thursday giveaway tweet, will win a Thermapen MK4! This is Thermowork’s amazing new Thermapen. It has a backlight, an autorotating display and it turns on automatically when you pick it up. It is accurate and fast and simply a  necessity when you are grilling. I can’t speak highly enough about this product. Did I mention it’s waterproof?

Don’t forget to be following @Thermapen on twittter!

Friday July 1:

July 4th Grilling Giveaway

Last but not least I have teamed up with Stok Grills to give Friday’s winner a brand new Stok Drum Charcoal Grill with inserts!  You’ll be able to pick two inserts of your choice and a new charcoal grill!  How sweet is that!?  In case you aren’t familiar with Stok and the insert system read up on the Stok Drum Charcoal Grill a bit and you’ll see how the center of the grill comes out to allow inserts to be swapped in and out. They have wok inserts, pizza stone inserts, griddle inserts, etc. It’s a very cool addition to a solid grill. I love this little charcoal grill. It is sturdy, has nice adjustable air intake/vents and has a solid grill grate. Very high quality grill for it’s price.  Be sure to follow @StokGrills on twitter.

Runner up!?

I also have a bunch of Grilling24x7 bottle openers laying around here somewhere.  I’ll also be giving some of these out!


So sit back, login to twitter and have some fun with this giveaway!  Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!!