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July 26, 2013
Smoked Almond Hummus Recipe

A recipe for making your own smoked almond hummus using only five ingredients, including smoked almonds, tahini paste, oil, lemon and roasted garlic

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June 1, 2013
Grilled Cheese on a Grill

Grilling a grilled cheese sandwich using Habanero cheddar cheese on a grill.

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January 2, 2013
Brat Roll Tailgate Appetizer

Ground bratwurst sausage, cheese, onions and garlic all on a pizza dough for a tasty tailgate appetizer.

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July 19, 2011
Homemade Guacamole with Grilled Corn

A really easy and tasty guacamole recipe with grilled corn

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June 20, 2010
Smoked Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

A recipe for smoking stuffed jalapeno peppers on a weber smokey mountain or a charcoal grill

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May 29, 2010
Grilled French Fries

How to grill french fries on a charcoal grill.

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