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May 31, 2010
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Hotdogs and Hamburgers

Okay, everyone knows how to grill hotdogs and hamburgers, right? Well, I just like taking pictures so I wanted to add this to the blog. I bought my hotdogs and hamburgers from my local butcher (who is now out of business - so sad - 2013 update).

The hotdogs and hamburgers and from black angus cattle raised at Roseda farms in Maryland. If the steaks are A+ then I knew for sure that the hotdogs and burgers would be too!!

Simple hotdogs and hamburgers

For hotdogs and hamburgers you need a low heat. I fill a charcoal chimney about 1/4-1/2 full and arrange the lit coals so that they are not touching (about 1/2 inch apart). I like grilling hotdogs and hamburgers over low heat because you can focus more of your time on drinking beer and chatting with others. It is very hard to screw up hotdogs and hamburgers when you use low heat. Here are some photos from my last cookout.

Grilled hotdogs

I like to let my hotdog sit on the grill for a while so it gets nice and charred.

This is by far the best hotdog I've ever eaten. Roseda farms produces some top quality products. I like to load my hotdog with ketchup, mustard, relish and chopped onions!

Roseda beef burgers

which in my opinion should be called "steakburgers" rather than hamburgers! You can tell that steak trimmings are ground up to make these patties. The only way I eat these burgers is with a slice of cheese. I want to taste that high quality steak!

Steak burgers

I'll always toast my rolls, nothing fancy here. I just throw the roll down on the grates.

Typical cookout with Roseda beef hotdogs and hamburgers

Wow - this is true art!

What a way to spend Memorial Day! Hotdogs and Hamburgers from Roseda farms! Take note of those grilled french fries.

Did you make this recipe?

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