Smores on the charcoal grill

My lovely wife has been asking for smores on a charcoal grill for quite some time now and I finally decided to do it. This was a really fun grilling exercise and the smores are so gooey. Fantastic!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Graham Crackers
Hershey’s Chocolate bar

After cooking something else one night I had a small pile of coals left in the grill so I used these coals to light a new bunch of coals as shown in the photo below.

Smores on the charcoal grill

There’s probably a lot of variability in how many coals you can get away with using for making smores on your charcoal grill. I just piled up enough to accommodate two marshmallows on skewers. I jabbed a huge marshmallow on the end of each skewer and rotated it over the coals until the marshmallow got nice and charred.

Smores on the charcoal grill

Once the marshmallows are grilled to your liking its time to assemble the smore.

From the bottom up your smore should be assembled as follows:

the bottom graham cracker
chunk of hershey bar
another chunk of hershey bar
the top graham cracker

The finished product should look like this….

Smores on the charcoal grill

Easy and delicious smores on a charcoal grill!

Tastes just like it was from a camp fire!

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