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Not Your Daddy's BBQ is your home for recipes, product reviews and grilling tips to make you a better grill master. You will find a wide array of all things involving flame and food. Grilled, smoked, seared, or braised. If it can be cooked outside with fire we are game.
Grilling24x7 is a community of bbq fanatics, pit masters, or just the weekend backyard enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy thumbing your way through our collection of tasty recipes and combined 30 plus years of grilling know how.

Get Your Grill On

August 30, 2009
Ribeye Steaks on a Charcoal Grill!

Costco ribeye steaks are grilled on a charcoal grill!

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August 30, 2009
How to Grill Asparagus

grilled asparagus on a charcoal grill along with grilled steaks and more

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August 30, 2009
Twice Baked Potato - The Perfect Steak Side Dish

twice, baked, potato, steak dish

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August 13, 2009
Grilled Taylor Pork Roll Recipe

Taylor Pork roll grilled on a charcoal grill and served on a buttered english muffin

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July 25, 2009
Spicy Grilled Chicken Fajita Rub

Grilled Chicken Fajitas cooked on a charcoal grill!

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July 14, 2009
Juicy Grilled Chicken on a Charcoal Grill

How to make juicy grilled chicken on a grill

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July 4, 2009
Gigantic Porterhouse steaks!

Prime grade porterhouse steaks from my local butcher!

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May 24, 2009
Baby Back Ribs on a Charcoal Grill

Making barbecue ribs on a weber charcoal grill with a great barbecue sauce.

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April 11, 2009
Roseda Farms Prime New York Strip Steaks on a Charcoal Grill

This is a recipe for making prime steaks!

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March 29, 2009
Homemade Pastrami Recipe

A beef brisket is cured with a brine solution for 3 weeks and then smoked on a weber charcoal grill to make homemade beef pastrami with a dry rub

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