Bbq Corn Ribs Air Fryer Recipe

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The ultimate side dish for the Summer! Here’s my take on the viral Tik Tok BBQ Corn Ribs and let me tell you they are fantastic.

- Corn on the Cob - Avocado Oil - BBQ Dry Rub - Queso Fresco Cheese - Cilantro Smokehouse Mayo: - Dukes Mayonnaise - BBQ Sauce


Step 1

Cut both ends off of the shucked ears of corn then carefully cut the corn on the cob into 4 "ribs" lengthwise. Toss the corn ribs with avocado oil then season with bbq dry rub.

Step 2

Place the corn ribs in the air fryer. If using a basket style be sure to not overcrowd the basket. If you have an oven style air fryer just space out the corn ribs evenly between the two racks.

Step 3

Cook the ribs at  375 Degrees F for 10-14 minutes until the corn slightly curls and the kernels begin to look roasted.

Step 4

Prepare the smokehouse mayo by combining dukes mayonnaise and BBQ sauce. If the mixture seems too thick add a tbsp. of water as needed.

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