Smoked Bbq Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

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Step by step instructions on how to prepare Smoked BBQ Chicken Drumstick Lollipops for your pellet grill. Take the extra time to impress your guests with these BBQ Chicken Lollipops.

- Chicken Drumsticks - BBQ Sauce - Light Brown Sugar - Butter - BBQ Dry Rub Additional Ingredients: - Avocado oil pan spray


Step 1

Pat the drumstick  dry so it’s easier to handle. You will need a pair of shape kitchen shears and a few extra paper towels.

Step 2

About one inch from the top of the drumstick insert the bottom blade of the kitchen shears underneath the skin but above the bone as close as possible so you can cut as many of the tendons.

Step 3

Push all of the meat  down the drumstick to the bottom. There is one pin bone to look out for as you push down. If any tendons are still attached use the shears to cut them.

Step 4

Using a paper towel to help you grip remove the cartilage and skin from the top of the drumstick exposing the joint.

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