Smoked Cinnamon Sugar Bacon Weaves

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This is the most unique bacon appetizer I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine a nice plate of 8 of them sitting as a centerpiece to a sweet cookout or Superbowl party!

- Bacon - Cinnamon - Brown sugar - Pepper


Step 1

The first step here  is to open up a thick cut pack of bacon and cut the slices in half. Next lay out four of the pieces vertically with one extra piece horizontal up top.

Step 2

Next fold back the 2nd and 4th strip and lay down a 2nd horizontal piece. Next fold down the 2nd and 4th strips  over the 2nd  horizontal piece.

Step 3

Fold up vertical pieces 1 and 3 and lay down a 3rd horizontal piece. Finally, fold down pieces 1 and 3, fold up pieces 2 and 4 and lay down a 4th horizontal piece.

Step 4

I learned during my test runs that the best bacon blanket had a healthy sprinkle of brown sugar and cinnamon on top. Weaves with only black pepper worked really well too.

Step 5

These bacon blankets  can be cooked at many different temperatures. I did these at 250 degrees for about 30-60 min. To transfer the bacon weave to the grill requires a bit of care.

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