Smoked Parmesan Chicken Wings With Vodka Sauce

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Whether you are prepping a party and need the perfect appetizer, planning a family get-together, or it’s game time and you need the perfect snack, these wings will hit the spot!

- Chicken Wings - Mozzarella String Cheese - Olive Oil - Kosher Salt - Italian Seasoning Vodka Sauce: - Marinara Sauce - Heavy Cream - Italian Seasoning - Parmesan Cheese


Step 1

Start by prepping  the wings. Make a cut at the joint between the drum and the flat of the wing, then separate the joint and cut through. Set the drumstick aside.

Step 2

Make a small cut in between the 2 bones to separate them. Twist the smaller bone until it releases and  remove it.

Step 3

Finally, push the  meat down to expose the remaining bone and carefully bend at the joint where it connects to the flap of the wing and remove it.

Step 4

Repeat this process, so all the wing flats are deboned. Stuff each flat with half a stick of mozzarella string  cheese.

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