Smoking A Pork Shoulder On A Charcoal Grill

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If you are just getting started with BBQ I highly recommend making a smoke pork shoulder on your charcoal grill one of the first recipes you try.

- Pork Shoulder - Yellow Mustard - Dry Rub Mop Ingredients: - Apple Juice - Apple Cider Vinegar - Worchestershire - Soy Sauce - Fish Sauce


Step 1

Place the pork shoulder on a clean surface fat cap down, score the top of the meat in a crisis cross pattern about ½ inch deep.

Step 2

Coat the entire pork butt with mustard on all sides then season generously with dry rub making sure to get the seasoning into all the grooves you cut.

Step 3

Build your fire using a dual-zone cooking method so that all of your coals are on one side preferably in baskets to keep the coals in place. Your target temperature should be between 275-300 degrees F.

Step 4

Once the grill has reached temperature place the pork butt fat side down opposite the fire source. Cook for about 90 minutes before you begin brushing with your mop solution.

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