Texas Style Beef Plate Ribs On The Pellet Grill

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You can Make Authentic Texas Style Beef Plate Ribs Just as good as the BBQ Joints in Texas using your Pellet Smoker and a little bit of culinary know-how.

- Beef Plate Ribs - Salt - Pepper - Garlic - Olive Oil


Step 1

Pre heat Pellet smoker to 250 Degrees F. Pour two tbsp. of olive oil on each rack of ribs and rub into meat on all sides.

Step 2

Season the ribs on all sides using the salt, pepper, garlic seasoning. Set ribs in the smoker and cook for 3 hours before checking for color. Place probe in between the thickest part of the ribs.

Step 3

Continue cooking until you reach an internal temperature around 170 degrees F. Wrap ribs tightly with two layers of Peach Butcher Paper. Replace probe back into the ribs.

Step 4

Continue Cooking until you reach a temperature of 205 degrees F. (about 2 hours) unwrap ribs and poke with toothpick or the probe to check for doneness. Meat should be tender like butter.

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