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November 1, 2013
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It is officially grilling season! The weather is nice and warm and there is no rain in sight. The grocery store had lots of sales on meats today but I decided to go with a simple pack of bratwurst. This is a simple yet classic meal: beer soaked brats.  I decided to make a crazy double beer brat sub with grilled onions and mustard on a grilled bun.  What a fantastic cookout idea!

Here's what I did:

Double beer brat sub with grilled onions, grilled corn on a toasted bun -


Beer Bratwurst (original or plain; not beer flavored)
2 cans of cheap beer

Slice 1 whole onion into chunks and smash a couple of cloves of garlic. The amounts are really not important as this step is only for flavoring the beer. Pour the beer into a sauce pan and then toss the onion and garlic in there as well. Add the brats and simmer on low heat. A pack of 5 or 6 brats will fit just fine with 2 beers. Scale up accordingly.

brats simmering in beer

Once the beer is simmering (a very low heat) you will notice that the brats will turn grey. This is normal. The beer, onion, and garlic flavors are permeating into the brats.  While the brats are simmering light a charcoal chimney for medium heat (about half full). You really don't want a hot heat here. Medium low will work just fine.

Once the coals are ready spread them out thin and toss your brats over direct heat.

brats on the grill

Today I had some corn on the cob also over direct heat. Take note of that aluminum foil pan. I poured some beer into an aluminum tin and tossed the sauerkraut and a few slivers of onion in as well. The corn, the brats and the sauerkraut were all placed over direct medium heat.

brats on the grill

The medium heat allows you to close the lid and sit back and relax. It is really hard to burn things over medium heat.

brats on the grill

After everything is cooked toss the brats on a bun and top it with sauerkraut. Fantastic!!!!!

Update:  I've been making these beer brats for many years now.  It's so easy.  My favorite sandwich that I've made has been the grilled onion double beer brat sub.  Grilling onions is easy, just slice some onions and put them over direct medium heat.  Flip them after a few minutes.  They get tender, soft and so flavorful.  Put them on a toasted bun with two brats and some mustard and you'll have a cookout that will have people talking for years!

Beer brats and grilled onions -

Oh man look at that view from the upper deck of the grill!

Grilled beer brats with grilled corn and grilled onions -

The double beer brat sub, as I mentioned will turn heads from far away!!!

Double beer brat sub with grilled onions, grilled corn on a toasted bun -

I call this an easy, relaxing, no stress grilling meal. The best part is that it is so tasty.

Did you make this recipe?

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