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Grilled Bananas with Coconut

September 1, 2012
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I heard that grilling bananas makes them soft and tender inside almost like banana pudding. Sounded good enough for me! Check out this grilled banana recipe. It's pretty easy and is a real fun grilled dessert.  Grilled bananas with coconut!

Grilled Bananas
Grilled bananas with coconut -

The idea here is to peel the banana, roll it in milk and then roll it in sugar and shredded coconut. Pretty easy, right? Start by preparing a medium heat on your grill. Too hot will burn your bananas and too low will not work. So aim for medium. You'll be cooking the bananas over direct heat.

Grilled bananas with coconut -

I poured some coconut milk on a small plate that was big enough for a banana to lay down in. Then I rolled the banana around to wet it with milk.

Grilled bananas with coconut -

After the banana is wet with milk, I rolled it onto another plate that had sugar and shredded coconut. I rolled the banana around to completely cover with sugar and coconut.

Once the grill is hot and the bananas are ready carefully lay them over the coals.

Grilled bananas with coconut -

This is one of those items where you only want to flip it once. A grilled banana can get a bit mushy so it doesn't pick up too easily. Try the combination of tongs and a spatula to flip or roll the banana over. Once one side is nicely charred, flip it over to grill the other side.

Grilled bananas with coconut -

One of the fun things about this recipe is that your grilling area will smell like toasted marshmallows. It reminded me of making smores. It must be the sugar over the fire that puts off this unique smell. Once both sides are grilled serve on a plate.

Grilled bananas with coconut -

Looking back I wish I would have served this with some ice cream. However, this still turned out really well. As I mentioned above the inside of the grilled banana is like warm banana pudding and the outside is a bit crispy and slightly crunchy from the grilled coconut and sugar glaze that forms. This is a real fun grilled dessert! Give it a try!

The idea for this recipe came from one of my "tweeps," i.e., one of my twitter followers @thefirstcourse. He's pretty cool to follow as he posts some good cooking tips.

How To Grill Bananas with Coconut

A grilled banana recipe with shredded coconut and sugar.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes



  • Roll bananas in coconut milk and then in a mixture of sugar and shredded coconut. Prepare the grill for medium low heat and grill the bananas until the sugar appears caramelized and the banana is tender.

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