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Grilled Stuffed Apples Recipe

November 6, 2011
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Apples are always the best this time of year. Crisp, juicy, and very tasty. Today I decided that I wanted to grill an apple. To start, I looked on the internet for grilled apple recipes but sadly I couldn't find anything useful. So I spent the afternoon grilling a bunch of apples and here's what I came up with. The recipe I like the most has gooey chocolaty caramel stuffed inside a warm tender apple with melted marshmallow all over the top. Grilled stuffed apples recipe on the charcoal grill!

Grilled stuffed apples -

Apples (I used Rome apples)
Rolo Candy (or any chocolate and caramel candy)

Grilled desserts are really cool. Not only do they let you play with your grill after dinner but you also end up with a sweet and tasty dessert with that classic grilled flavor. There are only three ingredients to this recipe: apples, Rolo candies, and marshmallows. You can't get any easier than this.

Grilled stuffed apples -

To begin, get a small knife and cut out the core of the apple. Be sure not to go all the way down through the bottom. Leave a half inch or so at the bottom of the apple. This will give you some support so your apple won't fall apart and filling won't leak out all over the grill.

Grilled stuffed apples -

Take the Rolo candies and shove them into the apple. Press them down hard! Don't leave any gaps. Take the marshmallow and stuff it into the top like a cork on a wine bottle. Make sure it gets down in there really good.

Grilled stuffed apples -

Have a medium heat prepared in the grill. This is a little less than half of a charcoal chimney. I spread the coals on one side of the grill and place the apple on the other side. This is classic indirect grilling of the apple. The dome temperature should be about 350-400 degrees.

Grilled stuffed apples -

After about 30-40 minutes the marshmallow should be nicely charred. The skin of the apple should be wrinkled and maybe even torn a bit. That's ok. Cooked apples aren't the prettiest. Use tongs to get the apple off of the grill and bring it inside. Let it cool off for about 5 minutes.

Grilled stuffed apples -

One thing to watch out for is to not leave the apple on too long or it may turn into applesauce. You want to have some consistency to your apple. It won't crunch as hard as a uncooked apple, but it shouldn't be like soup. I like to use a fork and break right into the side. So tasty!

When I was grilling apples I decided to try a different recipe as well. I wanted it to be totally different so here's what I did:

2 T brown sugar
1 T Raisins
2 T Pecans (halved)
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 T butter

These amounts are for 1 apple. Simply multiply it by however many apples you want to grill. Please also note that you can make wild adjustments here. Do whatever you like; there are no rules. Just keep the brown sugar around 2 T. This amount seems to coat everything well and provide a nice sweet inside. Stuff the apple with the above ingredients and top with 1 T butter. Yes, sit that butter right on top of the apple. It will melt and baste the apple during the cook! Grill as described above. This is a really good one too!

If you want to be even more creative wrap your apple in a few layers of aluminum foil and toss it right into low heat charcoal. My apple was done this way in about 10 min. It was sizzling the whole time and the marshmallow nearly melted away. Pretty cool and really good to eat!

Grilled stuffed apples -

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