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August 21, 2011
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Preseason Tailgating:
Taylor Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese
on an English Muffin

It's that time of year again! Football is back! While most of us find preseason football totally not worth the money, we have no choice in the matter as our season ticket packages force us to buy the preseason games too. Oh well, when given the opportunity to tailgate I will make the most of it.

For game one of 2011 my buddy and I packed up the truck with the grill, a cooler full of beer, eggs, and Taylor pork roll and headed to the parking lot. Here's what we grilled!

Grilled Taylor Pork Roll Tailgate Recipe


Taylor Pork Roll
English Muffins

In the past I've posted about grilling Taylor Pork Roll. I love the stuff. It grills up fantastic and really tastes great with cheese on an english muffin. This year we wanted to raise the bar a little bit and fry some eggs to add to the sandwich. This required the use of a cast iron skillet, which worked great for frying eggs on my little Weber Smokey Joe.

Grilled Taylor Pork Roll Tailgate Recipe

To start we filled about 1/4 of the charcoal chimney with coals. We used a small piece of newspaper and stuffed it under the chimney and lit it. Within a few minutes the coals were engulfed and we were ready to cook. The plan here was to have half the Smokey Joe as the direct heat side and then the other half would be the indirect side. The pork roll and the eggs would be cooked over the direct heat side and then the indirect side could be used to store the cooked items. We slit the pork roll so it wouldn't curl up and tossed it right over the medium heat. After we had about 6 of the pork roll slices grilled we moved them to the indirect side and got the mini cast iron skillet ready.

Grilled Taylor Pork Roll Tailgate Recipe

We let the skillet sit over the heat for a little bit and then tossed some butter in the skillet. We then cracked two eggs right in.

Grilled Taylor Pork Roll Tailgate Recipe

Within a couple of minutes the eggs were done. Time to toast the english muffins.

Grilled Taylor Pork Roll Tailgate Recipe

While the english muffins were toasting a few slices of cheddar cheese were put on top of the eggs to melt. Oh man that looks good!

Grilled Taylor Pork Roll Tailgate Recipe

Finally we put some butter on each side of the english muffin, put two slices of pork roll on, carefully layed the cheesy eggs on and then added the top of the muffin. What a nice little Grilled Taylor Pork Roll sandwich. Nice and easy to hold in your hand and very tasty.

Grilled Taylor Pork Roll Tailgate Recipe
Grilled Taylor Pork Roll Tailgate Recipe

The "breakfast for dinner" idea is a real winner for a nighttime tailgate! However, I think this would work really well for a 1pm game if you were cooking at 10AM. This is a real nice Taylor pork roll and egg tailgate recipe I think. Easy to pull off and tastes great.

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