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Habanero Cheddar Cheesesteaks - Leftover Roast Beef

March 30, 2013
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What to do with leftover roast beef

Habanero Cheddar Cheesesteak with Leftover Roast Beef

I've been absolutely in love with habanero cheddar cheese lately. The stuff is addictive. It's spicy and cheddary all in one. Totally amazing. I had some leftover roast beef laying around and a huge light bulb went off. Habanero cheddar cheesesteaks. This is out of this world. You have to try this:

Habanero Cheddar Cheesesteak with Leftover Roast Beef

I used my new ugly drum smoker to make some homemade pit beef. If you aren't familiar, pit beef is just a Baltimore way of saying "roast beef." It's just a large roast, usually from the cow's back leg, that is grilled, sliced thin and piled high on a sandwich. The only problem is that when you cook a 8-10 lb roast you have a lot of leftovers. If you aren't lucky enough to have a leftover 8-10 lb roast sitting around you can also grab some deli sliced roast beef. This is really accessible for most people. So take a big handful of roast beef (or pit beef), toss it in a food processor and pulse. Pulse for a few seconds and stop. Pulse again and stop. Keep going until you have small bits of steak.

Habanero Cheddar Cheesesteak with Leftover Roast Beef

There we go; nice and thin.

Habanero Cheddar Cheesesteak with Leftover Roast Beef

Get out a frying pan and put about 1-2 T of oil (any kind) in the pan and get it warm. Add some thin sliced onions first and then the roast beef. Everything is already cooked so you're really just trying to warm things up here. Don't use too high of a heat but keep it warm enough to caramelize the onions.

Habanero Cheddar Cheesesteak with Leftover Roast Beef

Grab an 8 oz block of habanero cheddar cheese and grate it. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

I always try to keep high quality hoagie rolls in the freezer. You never know when you are going to make meatball subs, hoagies, or in this case cheesesteaks. Layer the beef and onions on top of your hoagie roll and then generously apply the habanero cheddar cheese on top. Put the cheesesteak into the oven until the cheese is melted.

Habanero Cheddar Cheesesteak with Leftover Roast Beef

Are you kidding me? Incredible. This has to be the easiest and most amazing meal from leftovers I've ever made.

Habanero Cheddar Cheesesteak Recipe

A great use of leftover roast beef.


  • • 8 oz Habanero Cheddar Cheese
  • • 1-2 lbs Roast Beef or Pit Beef
  • • 2-4 Hoagie Rolls
  • • 1-2 T Oil
  • • 1 Sweet Onion sliced thin


  • Grate the block of cheese.
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Use food processor to dice up the roast beef into small pieces.
  • Preheat oil into frying pan.
  • Add onions and roast beef into pan.
  • Cook onions until they are soft and tender.
  • Add onions and beef to hoagie roll.
  • Top with habanero cheddar cheese.
  • Place cheesesteak into oven until cheese melts.
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