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October 23, 2016
Spicy Pork Tenderloin Rub

I've been all about the pork tenderloin lately. It's easy to cook, its tender and you don't feel like you have a pile of bricks sitting in your stomach the next day. It's one of those things that's light, not that bad for you, but is still really tasty when prepared correctly. If you follow […]

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June 11, 2015
How much charcoal to use?

Grilling and charcoal cooking tips using charcoal grills and how to to maintaining temperature with charcoal. How much charcoal should you add and what temperature for cooking in a grill will be addressed.

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August 23, 2013
How to use a Pizza Stone on a Charcoal Grill

There has been a lot of confusion and interest in how to use a pizza stone on a Weber charcoal grill. Sometimes the pizza stone gets too hot and burns the pizza. This is becuase of the charcoal arrangment under the pizza stone. This is instructions on how to arrange the charcoal underneath of a pizza stone to get the top of the pizza dark and browned. Charocal is put directly on top of the grilling grate.

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December 1, 2012
How is Charcoal Made?

Every wonder how charcoal is made? Take a virtual tour of the Kingsford Charcoal Manufacturing plant with John from

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January 1, 2011
Which is Better - Charcoal vs. Propane

An analysis of whether charcoal or propane is the better and easier way to grill. Pros and cons of charcoal and propane are weighed and a conversation about charcoal is persued with a comments box. And after all the question is always which is better charcoal or propane?

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