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May 15, 2016
Stuffed Avocados on the Stok Tourist

My friends at Stok sent me a little Stok Tourist portable gas grill to review so I thought I'd make something that you normally wouldn't think of on a small portable grill: Stuffed Avocados. This grill did a great job at heating up and getting these avocados tender. Stok Tourist Portable Gas Grill Review This compact grill […]

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April 24, 2016
Can You Grill A Steak On A Small Tailgate Grill?

Can you grill a steak on a small tailgate grill? Stok Gridiron Tailgate Grill Review Last tailgate season my tailgate group reviewed the Stok Gridiron Tailgate Grill.  What a solid grill. It was easy to transport, had a very high heat capability, and also had the cool insert system to allow for multiple grilling options. […]

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April 12, 2016
Stok Drum Charcoal Grill Review - Spicy Pork Tenderloin Sliders

Stok Drum Charcoal Grill Review I'm always up for checking out a new toy. My friends at Stok Grills sent their Stok Drum Charcoal grill for me to do a Stok Drum Charcoal Grill Review and I am really enjoying it. I was looking for a new grill and I think I might have found […]

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January 17, 2016
Stok Gridiron Grill Review - The 2015 Tailgate Season

Stok Grill Review - Stok Gridiron Grill Even though the football season in Baltimore was horrendous, that doesn't mean that the tailgates outside of the stadium were.  Despite a dismal season, we had some fantastic pregame meals. Towards the end of the last season the old grill started to die and we were debating over what […]

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