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September 5, 2009
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Rotisserie Pork Shoulder

It is Labor Day weekend so why not try something new? I've been smoking pork shoulder on my charcoal grill for quite some time now, but I've never tried a pork shoulder on my Weber rotisserie attachment. Here's what I did:

7-8 lb boneless pork shoulder
dry rub
mop solution
Mesquite wood chunks

The first thing I had to do was to really tie up the shoulder with my butchers string. Since the rotisserie will be rotating for about 10-12 hours I wanted to make sure that the shoulder does not fall apart or fall off the spit. I made a few loops with the string along the axis of the shoulder and then tied additional loops perpendicular to this axis, the same way you would tie up any roast.

Rotisserie Pork Shoulder

Right before the shoulder was in place and on the rotisserie I started about 18 coals on one side of the grill. Since the rotisserie attachment adds some increased volume to the grill, I estimated that 18 coals will provide about 250 degrees and I was pretty close.

Rotisserie Pork Shoulder

Once the pork shoulder was in place I started the spit spinning and closed the grill. Just like normal smoking, about once an hour or so I added 3-4 coals and a few wood chips to the fire to keep things going. Also I generously applied the mop solution on top of the roast. What I really noticed was that the shoulder looked wet and moist during the entire cooking time. I think this was only because of the rotisserie motion keeping the juices rolling around the shoulder.

Rotisserie Pork Shoulder

After about 12 hours of cooking the internal temperature of the rotisserie pork shoulder was only about 177 degrees. This is a bit on the low end and at this time the shoulder will not pull properly for traditional pulled pork sandwiches. However, I was hungry and wanted to eat. At this temperature you can slice the pork shoulder with a meat slicer and make sliced pork sandwiches.

Rotisserie Pork Shoulder
Rotisserie Pork Shoulder

My meat slicer was perfect for this task. The meat was juicy and easy to slice. And the best part was the each slice contained a bit of the bark so it was really spicy and smokey.

Rotisserie Pork Shoulder

I wasn't sure what to top this with. A nice BBQ sauce would have been perfect but I went with a bit a of mayo. Overall a delicious and juicy sandwich!

Rotisserie Pork Shoulder

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