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August 28, 2019
Rotisserie Prime Rib using a Weber Kettle

This recipe was actually much easier then I originally thought it would be. Any time your cooking a large expensive cut of beef you want to make sure you don’t mess it up. Since I had a $200 prime rib roast from Costco on the rotisserie it definitely had my full attention. If you follow these steps and keep an eye on the roast I guarantee you’ll have a perfectly cooked Rotisserie Prime Rib Every Time.

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March 4, 2012
Spicy Rotisserie Chicken Recipe with Chipotle Dippin' Sauce

A rotisserie chicken recipe on the Weber Rotisserie Attachment that is spicy. Also served is a chipotle mayo based chipotle dipping sauce.

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April 23, 2011
Garlic Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

A garlic wet rub for rotisserie chickens

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September 5, 2009
Rotisserie Pork Shoulder

Rotisserie Pork Butt Shoulder sliced with a meat slicer

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January 8, 2009
Rotisserie Chicken Recipe on a Charcoal grill

Weber's rotisserie attachment is used to make rotisserie chicken using a simple recipe!

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December 14, 2008
Rotisserie Roast Beef Recipe

Weber's rotisserie attachment is used to make rotisserie roast beef which is sliced with a meat slicer!

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November 23, 2008
Rotisserie Turkey Photos

Weber's rotisserie attachment used for a turkey!

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