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May 26, 2018
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Kebabs and Russian Skewers

The following is a guest post from my friend Phil from I hadn't heard of Russian skewers before reading this. Sounds very cool and I will need to pick some up.

(Update:  I've been bombarded with questions on where to get these Russian Skewers. Here's a link to Russian Skewers at  Note that I get a small (think pennies) commission if you buy through that link- Thanks!)

Kebabs and Russian Skewers

Simple and Quick Grilling

When I cook on the grill, which is most days, I do try to find recipes that are both simple but pack maximum flavour. You can’t get much better than a kebab to help achieve this.

What I like about kebabs is that you can use different meats and different flavor marinades, whether you are wanting something sweet, spicy or just get your food full of your favourite flavors. 

Just do a search on Google for your meat and the flavor you are looking for and I will guarantee you will find something very close to what you are looking for. Even if you don’t you can find a base marinade and then experiment with your own ingredients.

They are then great to serve either on their own or in a flatbread or pitta, with your favourite dip on the side. 

Marinate! Marinate! Marinate!

Kebabs and Russian Skewers

Once you know what meat you are cooking, one of the key things to guarantee a good cook is to marinate. The longer the better, so I normally aim to marinate for 24 hours. You don’t have to do it for this long, but if you can plan in advance I would recommend it.

Marinating not only adds great flavour to your meat but also will help tenderize tougher cuts of meat. I also find that it helps when cooking on the grill as it helps the meat not burn, which is especially important when cooking directly.

Kebabs and Russian Skewers

Russian Skewers – a problem cured!

When cooking with normal skewers the food tends to sit directly on the grate. It often sticks and when you try to rotate the skewer, not only is it hot to handle but they typically roll over to a side that is already well charred.

Russian Skewers are a total revelation – simple but makes such a difference when cooking.

Kebabs and Russian Skewers

What are Russian Skewers?

Russian Skewers are long, thick skewers that easily span the circumference of the 57cm Weber Kettle BBQ. They are 70cm long, flat bladed, with twists towards the handle loop so that it is easy to position them exactly how you want them. They are commonly used in cooking across Russia, the Baltic and Scandinavia, often in Shashlik restaurants.

Kebabs and Russian Skewers

There are a few things that I personally love about cooking with these:

  1. They are not directly on the grill. I actually cook with these without any grate. They have a distance between the coals and I can still put the lid of the BBQ on and create a smoky oven environment.
  2. They really help with an even cook. It is really easy to make sure you can get the meat in the position you need. There is no trying to balance the meat on one side for it just to roll back to a ‘done’ side.
  3. They don’t need to be watched over every minute they are cooking, which I find I do with the thinner, shorter skewers.
  4. With the thinner shorter skewers I find I cut meat and veg to a small size. With these I cook larger chunks which I much prefer. It makes it easier to cook and not fully dry out the meat.

I would highly recommend you invest in a set of these. They are reasonably priced and have been a game changer for me when cooking kebabs.

Kebabs and Russian Skewers

What kebabs to cook?

As mentioned earlier in this article you can find so many kebabs online to satisfy your own personal tastes. Below are a selection of my goto favourites:

Kebabs and Russian Skewers
Kebabs and Russian Skewers

I would really encourage you to play around with the flavors of any kebabs you do. You will soon be making your own personal kebabs that your friends and family will love. 

Did you make this recipe?

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