Costco sells gorgeous eye rounds for a pretty good price. This is just a basic eye round with the fat trimmed off. For seasoning I went with simply salt and pepper. The roast beef took about 2 hours at about 375-400 degrees. I like a medium rare roast beef, so I took the roast off the grill at about 135-138 degrees (internal temperature – see bottom of page). This allowed the temperature of the roast to rise to about 140-145 degrees during its rest period of about 10-20 minutes.

Rotisserie roast beef
Rotisserie roast beef

Sometimes I am in the mood for raw onions and mayonnaise. A great combo. However, next time I am going with a homemade BBQ sauce.

Here’s the temperatures for various degrees of doneness for your rotisserie roast beef:

120°F to 125°F, (49°C to 52°C) for rare;
130°F to 140°F (55°C to 60°C) for medium rare;
145°F to 150°F (63°C to 66°C) for medium;
and 155°F to 165°F (68°C to 74°C) for well done (i.e., shoe leather).
(Note: 120° is a pretty rare roast).

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