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Thermoworks Smoke Review

October 12, 2016
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I'm always excited to test out a new product from Thermoworks. I just love their stuff. When I found out that they were releasing a new BBQ thermometer that had two probes and a wireless receiver I couldn't wait to jump on it. Well it has arrived and I'm really impressed. At the bottom of this post, I hired Mrs. Grilling24x7 to make a quick Thermoworks Smoke review video, so be sure to check that out. It highlights some of awesome features of the Smoke and shows off how well it works.

I tested out the new Smoke on my Pit Barrel Cooker with a pork loin that I picked up on sale. It is an 8 lb pork loin that I got for $12 at Costco. I divided it into three sections and froze two. That's a $4 meal! Anyway, I lit the Pit Barrel and set up the Smoke thermometer. What I think is one of the coolest things about the Smoke is that one of the probes is a BBQ grate thermometer and it has a grate clip to allow it to attach right to the cooking grate. This is critical for BBQ as you need to know exactly what is going on with your smoker temperature. The Smoke also has high and low alarms which is really handy, in addition to a solid backlight. I also like how the highest and the lowest temperatures that were achieved are recorded on the screen so you can see your temperature spikes (this can be handy for troubleshooting in the unlikely event that you accidentally burn something!)

Thermoworks Smoke Review

In the photo below you can see the grate thermometer attached to the grate on the left and the meat thermometer inserted into the pork loin at the thickest part.

Thermoworks Smoke Review

Here's the feature that sets this apart from other thermometers: the wireless receiver! Now I'm all about sitting outside and enjoying a beer while smoking pork but what happens if it is cold out or windy? This gizmo lets you sit on your couch, watching a game perhaps, and you'll get all that temperature information sent directly to the receiver. The temperature alarms will also go off on the receiver so you can have instant access and alerts to your BBQ temperature and your meat temperature.

Thermoworks Smoke Review

Overall I'm really impressed with the new Smoke. I look forward to a winter full of smoking pork and beef while monitoring temperature from my warm comfy couch!

Of note, I have also used the Maverick wireless thermometer that is available from most big box stores and Amazon. The quality of the Maverick cannot come close to the Thermoworks Smoke. In fact, I had to buy two Maverick thermometers in my past because they have broken. Because of this, I gave up on the idea of wireless BBQ thermometers until I heard about this new Thermoworks Smoke.

Check out the newest video review of the Thermoworks Smoke dual channel wireless BBQ thermometer. I think Mrs. Grilling24x7 did a great job!

Order your Thermoworks Smoke today!

This is the first product from Thermoworks (the maker of Thermapen) that allows you to carry a wireless thermometer device up to 300 feet away from the grill.  How cool is that?! It has multiple high and low alarms and has a nice little back light.  Check out our video Thermoworks Smoke review and let us know what you think!

Thermoworks Smoke Review

Disclaimer:  I'm an affiliate with Thermoworks and get a small commission for sales made via my clicks.  That said, everyone knows Thermoworks is the best and I'm just sharing my personal views of the products.

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  1. I know many tips and tricks from your post what I don,t know before. You describe digital meat thermometer for read out temperature. Do use smoker thermometer?.

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