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Top 10 Fathers Day Grilling Gifts under $50 Dollars

June 12, 2020
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A question I get from people every year around this time is what's a great fathers day gift for dad. I thought that $50 dollars is a fair limit that still gives you some solid ideas of gifts for the grilling dad in your life. This top 10 list are all items that I own and use on a regular basis. I try not to include any gimmick gadgets that will collect dust. only useful tools and items that will actually get used. Be the favor son or daughter who actually gives dad something they will use and not just a boring tie that dad will present to like before tossing in the back of the closet.

Grill Gloves

I like these gloves because they have a fabric layer underneath making them easy to get on and off but still easy to wash and keep clean.

Grill Brush

This Brush has been the best I've ever purchased. I avoid those cheap dollar store brushes that fall apart living dangerous metal fibers on your grill.

Instant Read Thermometer

This instant read thermometer is much cheaper than some of the other brands I've seen online but for my money this one works great. its easy to read LCD backlight so even in the middle of the night you can check temps. Its magnetic so I normally keep it on the side of the fridge or slap it on the smoker while I'm cooking.

Cast Iron Grill Press

whether it's making smash burgers or pressing a steak to get sharp grill marks this grill press is a handy item to keep around. Its also great for roasting chickens in a cast iron pan to keep it weighed down.

Non Stick Grill Mats

I never thought I would use these as much as I do but they are great for cooking veggies or anything that might fall through the grates. I also use these grill mats when Im smoking roasts or delicate items that might fall apart when I pick them up.

Oklahoma Joe Giant Spatula

I bought this thing a few years back because I wanted a wide spatula that I could use for taking ribs and pork butts off the grill with. It's durable and strong enough to hold a whole pork shoulder without bending. Now its the only spatula I use unless Im flipping burgers and dogs.

Slicer/Carving Knife

I have used this knife for a while now and it hasn't lost its edge a bit. Its a must have for carving hams or slicing briskets. It's incredibly well built and feels great in your hands. Ive owned knives twice as expensive as this one and wouldn't trade this one for any of them.

Large Butcher Block Cutting Board

This one comes in a hair over my $50 budget but I am a cutting board snob so I had to include one on this list. Its not a Boos Board but it's a hell of a value and it's got great size and weight. It's a cutting board that Dad will love and enjoy for many years to come.

Top 10 Fathers Day Recipes

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